Clinical And Regulatory Compliance
Our team will:
  • Assist with obtaining state licensure
  • Assist in achieving ACHC or CHAP accreditation
Emergency Preparedness
Out team will:
  • Develop comprehensive emergency preparedness program individualized to your organization with a goal to meet health, safety, and security needs of your company, its staff patient population, and community.
Management Personnel Onboarding
Out team will:
  • Assist you with the process of integrating a new manager into your organization.
  • Provide your new team member with necessary knowledge and skills to become an effective member of your organization.
Medicare Certification/Accreditation
Our team will:
  • Conduct compliance audits
  • Conduct survey preparations and mock surveys
Mergers And Acquisitions
Our team will:
  • Perform Clinical and Operational Due Diligence Review
Our team will:
  • Assess and engineer agency’s work processes from in-take to final claim generation
  • Provide human resources support and staffing analysis
  • Assist with contract development and contracting policies
  • Assist with Policy and Procedure development
Quality Improvement And Clinical Record Reviews
Our team will:
  • Develop a comprehensive Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) program individualized to agency’s vulnerabilities and problem areas
  • Develop customized audit tools
  • Conduct OASIS analysis and training
  • Conduct ongoing clinical record reviews
  • Ensure accuracy, clinical compliance and optimized reimbursement and star rating
Telehealth/Remote Patient Montioring (RPM)

“One of the instructive experiences from COVID-19 has been the vastly expanded role of telehealth … There’s no undoing this revolution,”
The U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar

With an expanded focus on the use of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple home health and hospice providers are incorporating telehealth and/or remote patient monitoring solutions in their daily operations.

If you are interested in creating a Telehealth and/or Remote Patient Monitoring Program within your organization or obtain ACHC Telehealth Distinction, our team can assist with the following:

  • Obtain Telehealth distinction ( applicable only for ACHC accredited organizations)
  • Determine the purpose of the organization’s Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring Program.
  • Create a business plan, perform financial analysis and projections, and develop Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring Program design.
  • Choose a Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring solution (equipment) that fits your needs and patient population.
  • Develop policies and procedures, rules and guidelines for Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring Program.
  • Develop documentation forms, protocols, patient education instructions.
  • Develop staff education and competencies related to Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring.
  • Incorporate Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring into the organization’s QAPI process.
  • Establish a community partnerships to develop a communication strategy regarding the benefits of the telehealth program for stakeholders and referral sources.