CNA / HHA Competency

Amity Healthcare Group will conduct initial and/or annual CNA/HHA competency for your organization and will assist you with achieving regulatory compliance with competency requirements. Competencies will be conducted in conformance with CMS requirements (§418.76(c)(1), §484.80(b)(3)(xv), §484.80(c)(1), §418.76(c)(1), §484.80(c)(1))., as well as state, accrediting organizations’, and company’s guidelines.

The competency will include direct observation of skills in a skill lab setting with a pseudo-patient, as well as lectures and written and/or oral examination.  The competency will be provided by a qualified instructor (RN) in collaboration with other professionals, as may be appropriate.

Upon completion of the competency, your agency will receive a complete report of the activities associated with the competency process. The report will also include recommendations based on observation and interaction with the personnel. You will also receive copies of sign-in sheets, certificates of completion, copies of written exams, and skills assessments for each attendee.

You can view a sample of the report and documentation by clicking on the CNA/HHA Competency Sample/Report Documentation.

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CNA/HHA Competency


The following skills will be observed and evaluated in the skill lab under supervision and instruction of a qualified instructor:

  • Communication skills including reading, writing and verbal skills
  • Reading and recording temperature, pulse and respiration
  • Appropriate and safe techniques in performing personal hygiene and grooming tasks that
  • include
    • (A) Bed bath;
    • (B) Sponge, tub, and shower bath;
    • (C) Hair shampooing in sink, tub, and bed;
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Call 720-353-7515 to schedule your CNA/HHA skills initial onboarding or annual competency (minimum 3 attendees per session) or for inquiries regarding CNA/HHA skills lab rental.


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