Dementia Training (Adult Day Care)

Elevate your compliance with new dementia training requirements for Adult Day Care providers. Effective October 1, 2023, Adult Day Services providers are mandated to ensure that their Direct-Care Staff Members undergo essential dementia training as stipulated by Section 25.5-6-314, C.R.S.

For the initial training, each Adult Day Services provider is responsible for ensuring that all Direct-Care Staff Members receive training on dementia diseases and related disabilities. This training should be competency-based, culturally competent, and consist of a minimum of four (4) hours of instruction on dementia topics.

Continuing education : After completing the initial training, Direct-Care Staff Members must complete and document a minimum of two (2) hours of continuing education on dementia topics every two years.

Amity Healthcare Group, an International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) accredited provider, streamlines compliance with this mandate by offering tailored dementia training packages. Each course fulfills Colorado’s criteria for individuals providing care in adult day care settings.

Upon course completion, participants will receive a Dementia Training Certificate, verifying their adherence to state regulations. The participants will also be awarded Continued Education Units (CEUs).

There are several  training options available, including a 4-Hour Dementia Care Training Package and four 1-hour individual courses.

Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your skills and stay ahead in the ever-changing field of adult day care with Amity Healthcare Group – your reliable partner in professional growth. Enroll now!

4-Hour Course: Dementia Care Training Package – $70.00

1-Hour Course: Dementia Diseases and Related Disabilities – $20.00

1-Hour Course: Person-Centered and Culturally Sensitive
Dementia Care – $20.00

1-Hour Course: Activities of Daily Living and Creating a Safe Environment
When Working With Individuals Living With Dementia – $20.00

1-Hour Course: Dementia-related Behaviors and Communication – $20.00